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-american admitted to the university of mississippi in september of 1962. this is about 40 minutes. >> thank you ralph and john andd mmy gratitude to the library ot congresshe for hosting the even. i will try to put into 30 whnutes what happened to me 50 years ago with some reflection.h this is my tentative book event since the book was published in september and each event is different and each audience is different and your questions are different. i was a 233-year-old arra tc second lieutenant from a small liberal arts college in minnesota, sat down to mississippi along with 15 or 19,000 other soldiers to quell the right to put down the right. i was not aware of where we were going because the kennedy administration that put a clamp on public disclosure. it's not until we got to memphis that we were aware of our mission. it was such a delicate, uncomfortable effort. u.s. military and it was a military oftentimes i say i'm army out of place. the military police had the mission sometimes to put down domestic disturbances that they occurred once every 100 years assumptive to that effect, clearl
of northern mississippi, streaming through tennessee and areas of the carolinas. that's where your wet weather's going to be on new year's day. here's a closer view of the radar. rain, no snow, no ice to deal with, anything like that. but kind of a rainy, gloomy start to your new year, especially northern mississippi, alabama, north georgia, as we go throughout the day. your new year's day forecast, first of 2013, no big storms out there on the way. it looks like a quiet start weather-wise to 2013. >>> minimum wage goes up in ten states today. a decent year for stocks. did you notice? plus 2012 was the safest year for air travel ever. you're watching "first look" on this first day of january 2013. woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that'
coast. new orleans, mississippi, alabama, tennessee areas even north carolina will have to deal with some of that rain as we go into the afternoon. washington, d.c. may see a shower, but overall looks like a pretty dry day. that's a look at your national forecast. here's a look at weather outside your window. new york city rang in a pretty mild new year's. temperature was at 41. we're watching areas like north carolina and orlando today. north carolina you look like you got some wet weather. >>> well, minimum wage goes up in ten states today. and a pretty decent year for stocks. have you checked? >>> plus, 2012 was the safest year for air travel ever. you're watching "early today" on this first day of january 2013. >>> what a show it's been all night long. atop the empire state building. that's brand-new lights up and they've been flashing all night long. times square itself, everyone's gone. about 1 million plus were there for the ball drop. and now new york city sanitation workers, they have their work cut out for them. believe it or not, by sunrise, it will look like new. wel
. the rain is trying to shift toward new orleans. we have rainy wet weather in areas of northern mississippi, streaming through tennessee and areas of the carolinas. that's where your wet weather's going to be on new year's day. here's a closer view of the radar. it's just plain old rain. there's no snow, no ice to deal with, anything like that. but kind of a rainy, gloomy start to your new year, especially northern mississippi, alabama, north georgia, as we go throughout the day. your new year's day forecast, first of 2013, no big storms out there on the way. it looks like a quiet start weather-wise to 2013. >>> minimum wage goes up in ten states today. a decent year for stocks. did you notice? plus 2012 was the safest year for air travel ever. you're watching "first look" on this first day of january 2013. [ sniffs ] [ sneezes ] [ sniffles ] [ female announcer ] for everything your face has to face. face it with puffs facial tissues. puffs has air-fluffed pillows for 40% more cushiony thickness. face every day with puffs softness. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but
. several cars slammed into each other on mississippi avenue near hailey ee er hailey er haileyerter has. earlier a seven-car crash shut down a street in northern d.c. it happened near the washington times building. after 1:00 this morning. we're told five people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police are still trying to figure out what caused that crash. let's get a look at the roads. danella with first four traffic. >> good morning, aaron. looking at the beltway now, we have no major incidents or accidents to report. light volume on the roadways. taking a look at the accident you spoke about. mississippi avenue southeast and hailey terrace southeast. that's in the clearing stages. use caution approaching that area. >> 395. no delays or incidents to report on that stretch of roadway. taking a live look northbound is on the right. this is north of duke street on 395. another look at 395 at the 14th street bridge where it looks like you have a 12-minute drive from the beltway. erika? >> thank you, alexis. police are investigating an attack on a metrobus in which one woman was s
to teal you about. mississippi avenue and hailey terrace southeast is closed due to a multivehicle accident. the fairfax county parkway, a 12-minute ride heading into the beltway this morning. still dealing with the accident at the fairfax county parkway. that ramp is closed. police are still on the scene now as you can see from the video. taking a look at the rail system today, vre and marc trains are not in service today. the metro is running on a sunday schedule. aaron, erika? >>> the news that may put you at ease this morning if you want to fly and head out of town. >> the unexpected roadblock for negotiators trying to (vo) sometimes the big plan doesn't work. and the perfect life turns out to be not so perfect. you start fresh. new city. new job. new everything. it's exciting, and scary, at the same time. and some days you think, "i can't do this on my own." but then...i went to suntrust. they helped me figure things out. and before you know it, i am doing it... (anncr) at suntrust, helping people shine is what we do. join the thousands who are switching to suntrust's award-wi
northwestern, and mississippi state wild cats get on the board right away. williams picks up and takes it in. at first bowl win in 64 years for n.u. the wizards and mavericks just got under way we'll have the highlights or low lights whatever works at 11:00. >> new year, newói >> if you are still celebrating the redskins win to the playoffs. we want you to send us a video. we want to see you sing "hail to the redskins" and we will play the clips later this week. >> i don't sing but i know the words. >> all right, we're going to talk weather and temperatures as we move through the next couple of days will be colder than we've seen over the past few days. after that, it looks pretty nice. temperatures in the 30's tomorrow but by friday lower 40's. sunday and monday middle 40's and by tuesday temperature around 50 degrees. if you like the snow nothing in sight right now however, i find it unlikely we'll have a snowless winter considering last year was snowless. >> probably not going to happen. >> highly impossible. >> abc "world news" is next. >> hav
on the mississippi river has been reduced and may stop in areas where drought has left water levels too low for safe passage. the american waterways operators and the waterways council estimate that $7 billion worth of commodities are supposed to ship on the mississippi in december and january alone. so an interruption would be a considerable economic effect. the u.s. army corps of engineers has been a $10 million project to prevent the shutdown. the other option would be to release water from the missouri river, but that would just be drawing down water supplies in up-river states that are already suffering from drought themselves, like montana and nebraska and north dakota. water is also essential for power generation. according to the united states geological survey, power plants account for nearly half of the daily water withdrawn in the u.s. drought and heat go hand in hand to push power plant towards shutdown. a 2008 drought put several power plants in the southeast within days or weeks of shutting down. texas, california, and the midwest now face a similar challenge with drought, stressing th
felt like i just came out of a mississippi sheriff's office". it was grim, grim. and there is a lesson in that. issue careful what you wish for and be careful what criticize and who you criticize because you maybe wearing it. i responded to the mayor's request. we eventually had marine corps personnel and conducting recovery and rescue and we rescued all kinds of people from the collapsed freeway and we brought an aircraft carrier in here and took the heat off of the city and took 500 homeless people on the aircraft carrier for a week. it was a wonderful exercise in taking care of the more fragile among us. anyway fast forward three and a half years newly elected mayor he asks me to be the director of emergency services and i really didn't want to do it because of what i have seen and he went to my house and my wife wanted to. >> >> live in san francisco so my goose was cooked. i took over the job and i planned to return to the east coast. there was one staff member, no vehicles, no money, no nothing, and through the good efforts of a director of public wo
of the gang cases. what is your >> imagine you are 21, you are from mississippi, going through the police academy. it is 1989 and you are now working in los angeles. after being a patrol officer for just a few months, you are placed on gang detail. you have arrested a youth. instead of taking him to jail, you taken to his mother. the mother says, can you make him more afraid of you that of the gang members? the academy does not prepare you for that. i take that experience and i realized in the gang environment, most of these youths are coming from single- family households. in the area where the gang violence is most prevalent, great citizens of the community, 99% of those citizens are afraid. as a prosecutor, i take this experience and figure out how i want to enforce gang violence, especially in san francisco. i break it down into three categories. you have the individual who is not fully immersed in the gang lifestyle. he is just an associate comment just hanging out. -- associates, just hanging out. for that individual, we try to work with community-based programs. i've met with dcyf,
to the house. wildcats strike first and often. northwestern beat mississippi state 34-20. they snapped college football's longest losing streak. it was 1939 in the rose bowl. >>> time to announce the high school sports game of the week poll. the first of the new year with several good games to choose from this week. a good game in silver springs as they visit spring brook on the girl's side of fairfax. visit them when the u.s.a. today high school sports will announce the winner on thursday tonight. >>> the washington redskins still have some football left in this season, but it doesn't mean you can't take a look ahead to next year. the skins 2013 list of opponents was released today. here is the home and away list. aside from their normal divisional opponent, they will face the nfc north and west this season. it will be a tough game at home for the san francisco 49ers. on the road look at that as mike shanahan will return to his former stomping grounds and face the denver broncos. the coaching carousels will continue today, but the first to land a new home could be andy reed. they said that he
, atlanta and jackson, mississippi, active weather in those areas. maryland's most powerful radar still scans all clear. finding not a thing on this new year's day. take a look at baltimore, dark and chilly. the winds northwest at 6. weather in motion through the first day of the 2013 year and finding basically nothing but a gray sky and chilly temps, dry weather the story all across the area. parkville that was the keel-- deem and in annapolis, a dry, dry day and few chilly sailors. current winds are north and westerly. they're light and insignificant. temperatures not brutal for early january standards. we do have 30s out to the northwest and west, mid-40s in the area. we'll be colder tomorrow. take a look across howard county. we may struggle to get out of the upper 30s, a partly cloudy scenario. you can see the setup keeping the active weather to our south. that's going to continue to be the case into the overnight. we think all the wet weather stays south. it's not much wet weather to begin with. as we go through the next two days abundant sunshine. clouds mixed with the sun. want
. then this one moving across the lower mississippi river valley. this is bringing rain showers here. it will start to change over to snow as it works off here towards the northeast and some thunderstorm activity along the gulf coast. then across portions of appalachians where you don't want any more snow. it looks like going over the weekend more of that stuff will be coming down. travel across this area will be rough as that continues to push off to the east. in the northern plains things are remaining on the dry side. we're seeing another storm move into the pacific northwest. this will bring us snow showers into the higher elevation. main threat temperatures are cooling off. that's combining with the moist air and what that's bringing is fog across this region. if you have any plans flying out of vancouver or seattle check on the flights there as that fog could be delaying them. denver with a high of only minus 1. chicago at 1 here on your friday. let's take a look at the european continent. first the british isles. all this cloud cover is moving towards the east. what's that bri
was in mississippi. i was fighting the good fight down there. but anyway, what happened was, we were all three nominated for this award. we understood we relieving under apartheid. and segregation and all of that. and that under such a system, which favored white people, she would get the award. we knew that. we decided before anybody, before anything was announced, we would not accept being right. we would not accept the racism implicit in in a war that would go to someone. she was a great poet, but it would go to her also because she was a white person. and to her immense credit, she had no desire to be honored as we would be dishonored. so we got together, audrey called in mississippi and we chatted about it and adrienne, so we decided we could only accept an award so suspicious -- so auspicious if we accepted it in the name of all women and indicate by that action that we understood that women were not honored in the arts and elsewhere. >> why write for children? >> i don't write for children. >> you don't? >> ii write. >> do you like them? what i like them as to and far between as i do ad
to galena illinois which is a cozy mississippi river town where on the main strip they there, we discovered a rare book shop. in that rare shop i found a nondescript container full of old newspapers. i picked one up and started reading it and with the april 21, 1865 "new york times." is reading about abraham lincoln and the reward for the capture of the conspirator. that moment triggered in me an intense passion and enthusiasm for history that i seriously had never had. so for the next five years, it became this journey of meticulous kind of collecting of newspapers because i am from the midwest. i don't have convenient access to the wonderful archives on the east coast. i don't have access to a lot of the original found in the libraries and institutions across the country and so i made it a point to try to collect these because much like any other historical collectible they are available for purchase so if any of you have ever seen american pickers on the history channel i would say it's much like that. i would equate myself to a american pickers but more long the line of historic documen
mississippi, south carolina, west virginia, wyoming, iowa, all of which use this mid deem charge rather than felony. and what we find in these 13 other states is that there are higher rates of drug treatment participation, lower rates of drug use, and even slightly lower rates of violent and property crime. so again, we can prove we can have safer communities. and then of course there are the unintended consequences of a felony conviction. consequences that really can cause great damage to a young life for many decades out. the very three things that can keep someone successfully in his or her recovery, access to housing, education and employment are put farther out of reach because of a felony conviction, especially in a down economy, someone with a felony has great difficulty even accessing 5 a job that pays minimum wage. putting these felony convictions to a whole population of young people, we really perpetuate a chronic underclass which benefits none of us. and then of course there's the inequity in the criminal justice system. even though we can show that drug use rates are quite simil
esteban loa de ttexa m mimississippi, alabalabama, es bienvenida porque ha habido b bastante sequía. >>ahora en cuanto a temperaturas rgran parte de la zona disfrut d de condiciónes moderadas, ens t sobretdoo el estado de la florida >>la lluvia afectara el sur surestesurest suresteesteban loaizasureste del país. >>el sur de la florida 71 grad s grados, mañana 80. el sur de la florida continua o con calor, temperaturas frias al norte de t tetexas oklahoma, maás al sur, f dirdirf diferencias extraordinarias, en hushouston 41 para la noche >>nordeste condiciónes frias, 23 nueva york. sensación termica 15 sectores hacia el interior, en u un solo digito. ola fria . >>oeste condición estable, san francisco 40, los Ángeles 66 siga con más de primer impacto >>muchas gracias eduardo, feliz año >>le cuento que los profesióna e profesiónales de la psicologia tienen en sus manos una nueva e herramienta, desde chchile, javr bustos nos cuenta de que se t trata >>este chico quiere lograr el a maximo puntaje, para ellos dir g dirige esta nave espacial a su l lugar.>> no es un juego de video
in new orleans. it's amazing firework s over th mississippi. i have a feeling the party has only begun. happy new year to all of you and thank you for inviting me and the rest of the cnn crew in to celebrate your new year with you. thank you very much for my champagne. and for the king cake. contributed to us, because mardi gras around the corner. it has been amazing! happy new year. we'll see you next year. now this -- >>> tonight, my favorite and most talked about interviews of the year. >> the most important thing to remember is i did not punch the guy. >> superstars. >> we have this amazing job. to show up and be prepared. >> scandals. >> any excuse i make, whether it bass a rough time in my life, people there until my life, it matters. >> and maria, she's didn't truly the only love that i ever, ever had. >> the loss. >> you're not pronouncing it correctly. it's 50 shades of chartreuse. >> i looked terrible before. >> the stories that shocked us. >> if you want to get out, you get out. >> from heavyweights. >> i don't want to the beat him up no more. >> to the fastest human alive.
people to the hospital. it happened this morning here in the district on mississippi avenue. several cars slammed into each other. none of the injuries is life threatening. the cause of the accident remains under investigation. >>> nearly 400 people used a free cab service to get home after partying on new years's eve. the washington regional alcohol program provided those rides through their sober ride program last night. the group's president says a would-be drunk driver was taken off the area roadways every 74 seconds. nearly 2,000 people used the program this holiday season. >>> the new year brought a bundle of joy to one family. pat lawson muse is here with the special way they rang in the new year. >> a washington area couple are the proud parents of the district's first newborn of 2013 born shortly after the stroke of midnight. 23ier old ferman dough mendoza is one proud papa. he has plenty to be proud of. >> i got teary-eyed. i started crying. >> reporter: five seconds after midnight, mendoza and 24-year-old elvira welcomed little emily ameet a mendoza into the world. >> it was be
a great time. happy new year. >> happy new year from mississippi! >> i am so excited. >> happy new year. >> great to have you back. >> well done. >> thank you. >> so now, billions watched the ball drop. washington lawmakers with a bigger ball of their own. all on their own. >> they make us do this. >> we're doing it under protest. >> i to not say fiscal cliff. >> voices say read the prompter. the prommer says the white house had agreed on a plan to prevent taxes going up. the deadline passed. where do we stand? >> what is going on? >> the vice president going to come out? did they? no. this is the city we live n the ultimate contrast. this is dullsville. we're waiting for the senate reset to end. acting slowly. we have been told not to expect votes and perhaps until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. most indicators are that it stands a good chance of passage in the senate. last word we got came from vice president joe biden. just minutes ago. here is the vice president. >> i feel very good about how is vote is going to go. having been in the senate, there are two things you shouldn't do. you
any pain. it is incredible. host: a couple of more phone calls for charles hurt. mary. in mississippi, republican caller. caller: i would like to point out to all of the democrats that are appeased this morning that he raised taxes on the rich, that all he has really done it is fed you a line because when he refuses to do away with the loopholes, and make the tax is fair, i mean, that is how they get away with not paying taxes -- although loopholes. basically, he has played to both sides. guest: it was said the problem with socialism is you run out of other people's money. again, that is what president obama told us yesterday -- we will run out of other people's money by what is now this year, and he will head to go back to the well, and lower the threshold for texas. -- taxes. i was thinking, greta, what would be a great idea -- currently there is no tax on political campaigns, but a wonderful incentive to make the tax code more fair is if they levied a tax on political campaigns. after all, they usually raise many millions of dollars. it is a million-dollar company. whatever the tax
, it's going away. >> juliet: that sounds good. this is e-mail from jackie, mississippi. what should i focus on in 2013, born january 29, 1962. natchez, mississippi, 1:30 p.m. >> well, jackie has gemini rising. i hope she is in the communication business 'cause she's a brilliant thinker, writer, speaker. she has a whole line - up of planets in aquarius. she could work in politics. she can work on the internet, anything new, electronic, software, telecommunications. she has a brilliant chart. for all those aconveyer young planners -- aconveyerian planners, love, love. i haven't had good things to say for aquarians for a long time. >> juliet: let's say you were a libra and hoping to have a child in the near future. will your hopes come alive? >> you know, now that jupiter is luck, it's called trying -- the most heavenly aspect you could ever get. so i would urge you to conceive before june 25 'cause jupiter moves. >> juliet: i got to get on it! >> you got to get on it. >> juliet: that's good news. >> it would be a sweet baby. >> juliet: it would be darling. i'm telling you. are we going
and mississippi. north of that where it is really cold that's where we're seeing snow east of the great lakes and michigan here. that lake-effect snow machine is up and running. let's take a look at those temperatures. it's cold. it feels like winter outside. 17 in denver. you get the picture. you factor in the winds, what it feels like on your skin if you're not protected, you want to bundle up outside feels like minus 3 in minneapolis. 4 in chicago. 10 in kansas city. 10 in denver. yes, winter is certainly here. a quick look at your new year's day forecast, fairly quiet. we're heading into quiet week as well which is great news. 39 in new york city as they continue the cleanup in times square. 24 in chicago. lots of sunshine. a little snow across the great lakes and central plains as the storm system moves through. northern rockies will get several inches of snow. otherwise very quiet and happy new year, rick and to you, heather. up 3:00 a.m. with me as well. heather: yes. >> working double duty, lady. heather: you're the energizer buddy. the janice dean, dancing machine. i don't know if i
a few hours ago. several cars slammed into each other on mississippi avenue near hailly terrace. one car ended up in a yard and paramedics treated several people at the scene. >>> also this morning, police are investigating a seven-car crash in northeast d.c. this chain reaction accident happened along new york avenue at about 1:30 this morning. five people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> another news update -- here's traffic rig >>> 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's january 1st, 2013. get used to saying that. we hope you had a fun and safe night, wherever you celebrated. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie and natalie morales. al is taking the day off, much deserved. >> indeed. honey boo boo and linsanity. lot going on when it comes to pop culture. lot of movies coming out. we'll get a preview of that. >>> that new smart phone or tablet you just got for christmas already out of date? mario armstrong is here and will give us a sneak peek of the technology. i'm older than both of you are, but this is the kind of stuff we fantasized about ten years ago and now it's
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